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Beautifully tiled floor

Tools and


Visit our showroom at Tilbury Tiles Ltd in Grays, Essex, to choose from a wide collection of tile accessories. You can also contact us to enquire about the availability of any product. Our accessories include tiling tools to make the job easier, silicones, trims, levellers and more.

Range of tiling tools

If you need a tile cutter for your floor or wall tiling project, we have a number of quality products perfect for the job. Some people prefer electric tile cutters because they take a very small amount of effort compared to manual tile cutters. They will cut all kinds of tiles, whether they are made of granite, porcelain, glass, ceramics or stone. They enable the user to make exact cuts to ensure precise alignment and a neat finish. If you’re unsure of the best type to suit your needs, simply get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise. 

We also have a variety of tile cleaning and maintenance products, to ensure your floors and walls are kept to the highest standard and always look good.

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Silicones, tile trims, backing boards and levellers

Our silicone sealants are ideal for creating long-lasting, watertight seals for your tiled walls or floor. Our tile trims are ideal for finishing the edges of your tiled area. We have tile backing boards to act as a sturdy base for your tiles to be laid on. They are specifically designed for adhesion, so there is less chance your tiles will come loose or fall off over time. The board provides a straight, flush layer so it removes the problem of uneven flooring. Our backing boards have a good resistance to mould and moisture, which makes them perfect for use in bathrooms, wet rooms, kitchens and similar areas. We also stock tile grout and levelling compounds, so contact Tilbury Tiles Ltd in Grays today. 

Do you need tile adhesive and grout?

Enhance the look of your walls and flooring with our quality tiles, adhesives and grout. Call our team on 01375 399699 or visit our showroom at Tilbury Tiles Ltd in Grays, Essex.

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